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On demand delivery:

Run your business the 2021 way. Customers need exceptional services especially, delivery services to remember your business. That is why you need to trust an expert with it. How good is a business if the product doesn't reach its customers on time, every time? We offer unmatched delivery service to satisfy your customer’s urgent order requests and well-planned scheduled orders.
Amp up your business with our Delivery buddies.

Online marketplace:

Your business does not exist today if you are not found on the web. Change your business platform with our online marketplace and watch the proven business transformation. We provide you with the platform to help you launch, grow and expand your business with our portal services. You can finally offer your customers your online website so that they can shop away - order after order - from any time; anywhere (from your business every time)


When you sell a product, you don’t sell just that product-you sell your customers an ‘experience’. This experience is then translated into ‘ratings and reviews’. With the online business presence, it is ever more crucial to ensure that the delivery experience is handled by experts. This not only puts you in the game but keeps you in a better position- always. Today’s customer cares about the experience of comfort and ease. We understand and live to serve through our deliveries. And. that’s why we are the experts.

On-Demand Delivery

60 / Order
  • 2 Hours Pickup time
  • Within City Limits
  • Within working hours(8 AM to 8 PM)
  • Night Delivery- 100 / Order

Online Marketplace

50 / Order
  • Next day Delivery
  • 50 / Same day delivery
  • 200 / Month upto 10 Products
  • Night Delivery- 100 / Order

Core Features

Premium Delivery

Choose the time that works best for your customers

Cash on Delivery

Customer can pay when we deliver

Online Ordering

Order online from our marketplace

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